Youtuber Survivor

Welcome to the Youtuber Survivor page.

Season 1 Winner – Graser

Season 2 Winner – ???

Watch Season 1 here

Watch Season 2 here

Current Season: 2

This season, there is 14 YouTubers and they are split into 2 houses. The person that fails the challenge (COMES LAST) will be up on the eviction then you vote! Luke Tidwell has not given up and has moved house! Back from S1, he will take in the evicted.

Previous Season: 1

The first season, classic and had no twists. 8 Youtubers. Graser won this season! The evicted people moved to Luke Tidwell’s house and now all S1 Youtubers live in his house!

Youtubers for Season 3!

New Youtubers

  • Zoella
  • Dangthatsalangoname
  • ThinkNoodles
  • DanTDM
  • EckoSoldier

Season 1 Youtubers

  • HeyImBee
  • KatTiger11
  • iBallisticSquid
  • Kiingtong (Will)
  • LDShadowLady

Season 2 Youtubers

  • StacyPlays
  • JoeyGraceffa
  • LaurenZSide
  • Netty Plays
  • Sqaishey Quack

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