Road Crosser 1!!!

Welcome to the page dedicated to my game, Road Crosser! Here is a video explaining the game!


The game is complete! YAY

DLCs and Game Versions

Installation Guide: Download the guide here! ( The installation guide has updated! From DLC Pack 2, you will download the levels without the bug of the Sprite being duplicated. This will mean you will have to add the ‘Finish’ text yourself if you want)

DLC Pack 1: Download the DLC Pack 1 and Installation Guide here!

DLC Pack 2: Download the DLC Pack 2 and Installation Guide!

If you want to visit old builds you can by downloading them. To learn about the Online Version (well at least play it online lol) you can click this: YAY

Download the 1.4 Build!

Download the 1.5 Build!

Download the 1.6 Build!

Download the 1.7 Build!

Download the Official Game!

Download the Official Deluxe Edition!

Second Game?!

Yes the next game is in testing! Road Crosser 1 only took 4 weeks to complete, the second game will probably be 4 weeks or more. Have a look here: #2ND


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