Road Crosser Characters!

Meet the Road Crossers!

Kitt (Since RC 1)

Kitt is the founder of the gang and is a great leader. He is very supportive and is the speediest of them all. Kitt is Kita’s brother.



Pico (Since RC 2)

Pico is Kitt’s best friend and is a very entertaining person. He brings the light into the group and brings peace between the twins.


PricklyPrickly (Since RC 2)

Sparkly’s twin brother, he is the most clever person out of the gang but him and his twin sister don’t get along very well.


Sparkly (Since RC 2)Sparkly

Prickly’s twin sister, she tends to take control of the group and likes to have power. She is Shimmer’s closest friend in the group.


ShimmerShimmer (Since RC 2)

Shimmer is a bright and colourful but no one knows about her dark side. She seems super nice on the outside but you really don’t want to get on the wrong side of her…

KitaKita (Since RC 2, DLC 1)

Kita is a new member to the group but when she is mad, he is derpy. Kita is Kitt’s sister.


BappleBapple (Since RC2)

Bapple is an apple who loves to compete. She is VERY competitive and to win, she has a twin! Her twin can’t help much as she is green.

Bearla (Since RC2, DLC 2)bearla1

Bearla is bear who has a side to her that everyone likes. Bearla is loved by all and is never mean.

smiggle1Smiggle (Since RC2, DLC 2)

Smiggle is a smiley and bright person who really likes being part of the club. He is very welcoming to everyone!

 Spotzer (RC TM)spotzer

Spotzer got lost in a maze with a bunch of ghosts and stars! Luckily he had his favourite spot to keep him company!


More soon!


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