Harry and Me

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Harry and Me is a role play series which has us see DGP and Harry go through the ups and downs of their life with many people wanting to take Harry.

Season 1 has us see the start of Harry and DGP’s relationship as they first meet and get their life together. This is the first season of Harry and Me and is the only season of the show filmed on Console Edition.

Season 2 has us see the point where things take a turn for the worst. Black Knight and Pip are introduced from Gaming Survival. The second half of the show’s second season was cancelled due to recording issues. This is the second season of Harry and Me and is the only season of the show filmed on Pocket Edition.

Season 3 has us see the happy after sad for Harry and DGP however there is still drama. RoboBlaster, Combrazade and Hannah are introduced to the show, however RoboBlaster was suppose to be in Season 2.5. This is the third season and may be the last season of Harry and Me and first season of the show filmed on Windows 10 Edition.

Season 4 is TBA.


Currently we are on the edge with Harry and Me with it is to be discontinued after Season 3 or not. If you do want it to continue to Season 4. Please do tell me as it will be discontinued if no-one wants it back.


FINALLY, I have released the set (map) of Harry and Me – Season 3!!!!



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