Youtuber Survivor S2? Where is it?

The question that I have been asked many times. Here is the answer!


The reason why I haven’t done any videos of Youtuber Survivor S2 is because the videos take a lot of time to do and I haven’t had much time recently to do them. I know my channel has been lacking behind but I don’t mean to do it on purpose! I will get back on top of it which is why I will be uploading as much as I can during Summer! Summer is going to be the time where these series’s come out as possible as can be(Not every series guaranteed):

  • S2 YT Survivor
  • S3 Harry and Me
  • Gaming Survival
  • S1 Yanderes and Tsunderes (post about this soon)
  • Road Crosser – The Maze development
  • MINECRAFT STORY MODE S1 AND S2 (hopefully) (see this for s2 info: )
  • Collabs!
  • Challenges
  • S3 YT Survivor (intro being made)

And also I plan for a better website! Not that I’m abandoning this website. Just getting a better one, this website will still exist but I want a new one!

I hope you understand! A video has been made to explain this! Also I have a question to ask you!

Would you like to be featured on my channel? Well you can if you make me a really good channel trailer. Get some of my best videos and then send them to me via my email and I will pick one out.


Length – 2:11 (or less) (so i can add music) (If you want to add your own music that is fine! Make sure that my voice can be heard in trailer if you add your own music.





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