Road Crosser – The Next Game?

I have a new idea for the next game in the Road Crosser series.

As you may know, Road Crosser 2 is nearly/completely done depending on when you read this! This is why we need to start planning for the next game. So here are the ideas I currently have.


Road Crosser 3

The mostly game to come next. This will be Road Crosser 2 but with updated menus and new features. BUT! I don’t have a lot of ideas for the game so if this is the next game, I need your ideas because this makes it easier for the game’s development. If you want the game to come quick, you need to help.


Road Crosser: The Maze

A game that I have been thinking about for ages, you are in a maze and need to get to the exit! I am learning how to mke a PacMan game which is similar to my game idea and it could be the next game.


Road Crosser – Life Before Crossers

I literally just came up with this idea before posting but basically it’s the prequel to Road Crosser 1 and how the game started. This is least likely idea as I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA FOR THE GAME!!!


How can you help?

Vote below for the idea you want. I want you to vote! VOTE RIGHT NOW!


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