Road Crosser 2: Next Update is the Final Game!!!

Ok, this is true!



Ok so here is the complete Changelog for the game!


  • Menus Updated
  • DLC Levels (from 1st game) are now proper levels in the game.
  • DLC Levels from the first game are now official levels in the second game.
  • The menu has changed!!! Also the Game Editing Notice, Achievements and Patch Notes.
  • Down Arrow is the button to teleport back to beginning
  • The Coding has been neatened up to look better and make it easier to change.
  • It has taken me a whole game and 3 updates to develop this feature! Now you can finally be different characters! By pressing C, you will be taken to Character Options Menu where the method to change characters. There is 4 new characters that you can meet on the Road Crosser’s Page. One character was added just before the update was available. Meet the characters here!
  • The bell sound has changed again to sound more realistic



  • The changelog in-game is incorrect. This will be fixed in the next test update!
  • Character Options added
  • Over 5 new characters with 3 DLC!!!
  • Now the new link to report suggestions or issues has been implemented
  • Now, when green flag is clicked, it will say ‘Welcome to RoadCrosser 2!’
  • ‘Controls Menu is now availible’ changelog bug has been removed however the coding to switch to the Controls Menu is still available for use if you want to add a control menu, however, this will be removed soon.
  • Now you can no longer edit any controls menu coding as they have all been removed.
  • Lag has been reduced
  • During development for Character Options, many bugs were formed so they were fixed


Now the download is available on Monday! However the online version is available NOW!


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