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For a while now, I have thought about Harry and Me and if it was dying. Season 3 has just started and I dont feel motivated by the series. There is not much to do with the series. Season 3 was supposed to be 23 episodes of DRAMA however the first 2 were specials. This is why I am questioning the series. Now these are options to keep it alive.

  • Fans join the series
  • Only on special occasions does a Harry and Me episode be uploaded (like Stacy and Graser’s Mineclash series)
  • It moves to my website as a weekly series. 5 minutes per episode


  • Or goodbye

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I don’t want to end the serires

Image result for phew emoji So dont worry!!! Harry and Me will not end. The decision will be decided after 30 episodes (SEASON 3)


So what do you think??? ( <—- Click this to vote )


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