Warning: I will guarantee I will not follow the timetable!!! :/

If you clicked read more, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


Anyway… :/

Welcome to my (2nd) post today about my new timetable!!!

Monday – Minecraft (in general)

Tuesday – The Sims 4

Wednesday – Yanderes and Tsunderes (Yandere Simulator

Thursday – Harry & Me / Yanderes and Tsunederes (Yandere Simulator)

Friday – The Sims 4

Saturday – LIVESTREAM on YT/Twitch (not always)

Sunday – Gaming Survival


Monday will have a Minecraft episode of any series!!!

Tuesday will have a Sims 4 episode of any series!!!

Wednesday will have a new series called Yanderes and Tsunderes. This about the dramas at the Japanese High School, Akademi High School where we see Yanderes and Tsunderes go through high school. Starting with Year 8!!!

Thursday will have a Harry and Me Episode once a month and once the Harry and Me episode is uploaded, Yanderes and Tsunderes will take over until the next episode on Harry and Me!!!

Friday will have a Sims 4 Episode of any series!!!

Saturday will have a livestream on Twitch or YouTube. This will not be happening every Saturday!!!

Sunday will have a Gaming Survival episode!


The reason why I stopped following my previous timetable and stopped uploading for a while was because I was in a state of mind where my life was just videos, videos, videos and that wasn’t good for my health or mentality. I took a break to do other things and now I will be uploading amaic (as much as i can) but I will have an day without a video or livestream. Just because I made a timetable doesn’t mean I will constantly stick to it. I must take breaks every now and then!

I am very grateful that my subscribers have stuck by when I don’t upload and this is my way of saying thank you. Here are videos again.


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