Road Crosser Issues – Part 1

Ok, I will tell you the situation. I am really not sure what to do for the 1.6 Update! So here is the current plan!



  • 6 New Levels added!
  • DLC Pack 2 released!

Fixes and Improvements

  • Finally fixed the speech ‘To go to exit menu, press Q’ has been fixed and now says ‘To go to exit menu, press H’
  • Frame Rate Improvement


This may seem like a lot of stuff being added. It isn’t really! You may be thinking, just add more levels, I am bored of adding more levels so I will probably add levels (not in DLC’s) in the 1.8 Update!


This is where you get involved! You can send the following:

  • Level Pictures
  • Game Ideas
  • Achievement Ideas

Send them in via:

Google+  : dynamic gamingpro

Twitter : @dynamicgaminpro

Comment down below!

Email me :


For Part 2:


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