Harry and Me – Season 3 CONFIRMED!

Recently I said that Season 2.5 was cancelled and that Season 3 might come out well its confirmed!


New Logo for Harry and Me

Season 3 is going to be a big season and I’m hoping it will be out March – May. There is a chance it could come out later.

– Back Story
After dealing with Black Knight, a farewell is said but with all the joy comes bad. Meet Combrazade and Hannah….

– How many episodes & when it starts?
There has been 22 episode confirmed so far but more episodes could be planned. There will be a mid season finale. It will start on a Saturday and Wednesday.

– Who will star in this season?
DGP, Roboblaster6000, Harry, The Dogs, Black Knight, Combrazade and Hannah are confirmed. More soon to be confirmed!

– Will there be an appearance from the 1.0 Update?
It will be recorded in time for the 1.0 Update so there is a chance!

– Will it change what version of Minecraft it will be played on?
Well I hope not! Either Windows 10 Pocket Edition or on my phone!

– Will there be a Season 4?
Although it might not happen, I have a plan for it. If it does come out, it will come in 2018. I think that it might. If you want it comment below.



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