My Channel Timetable 100%

So I have finally put together a simple timetable for my YouTube Channel and the picture below displays it!


This timetable will change in November. Why? Thursdays will have a Minecraft PC Episode, Tuesdays will have a Sims 4 Video, Mondays will not only have MCPE Modded Survival but also Yandere Simulator!

New Series’s: Yandere Simulator, Minecraft PC, Nether Island 3 – The Finale, Harry & Me Season 3, Sims 4 and also Minecraft: Story Mode – Mobile Edition and CaveLands will be returning!

Series’s ending: Harry & Me Season 2, MCPE Modded Survival, MCPE 0.16 Beta and DGPSURVIVAL 2.0!

Some may have already ended or started but this is just to let you know what is going on with this timetable. Modded Survival will be paused until BlockLauncher accepts 0.16 but maybe by then, the series might be finished! This timetable will start soon!

I know that Harry & Me S2 and Modded Survival aren’t on at the moment so I will do other videos as my channel CANNOT have 2 episodes a

I really hope that this timetable will be much easier for me to upload and follow!


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